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lean construction

Lean construction is a systematic method of eliminating waste activity from the construction process to improve customer value in time, cost and quality. “Lean” methodology has its origins in the automotive manufacturing industry and is responsible for transforming the levels of productivity across the sector in the last 50 years. Since being introduced into construction in the early 2000’s, lean has been encouraged by subsequent releases of government policy and industry guidance as a ‘must do’ in achieving significant cost reduction in the sector. Typically, lean construction aims at delivering a range improvements including:

  • Reduce construction costs by up to 25%
  • Reduce construction timescales by up to 25%
  • Improve quality to ensure minimum defects and correction work
  • Improve your customer satisfaction ratings
  • Help implement new operational processes such as BIM and Collaborative Working

CPD certified courses

Project Five Academy has developed a structured programme of CPD certified short courses in Lean Construction designed to further the knowledge and skills of professionals working across the engineering and construction sector.

Stage 1: Lean Construction Fundamentals

Manchester & London

Stage 2: Lean Construction Technician

Manchester & London

Project Five Academy Lean Construction Management Certification CPD Short Courses Engineering Construction Stage 3

Stage 3: Lean Construction Practitioner

Manchester & London