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Stage 1: BIM Fundamentals - 1 day course


Andy Ainsworth




The aim of BIM Fundamentals is to ensure that learners achieve a basic understanding of Building Information Modelling, how it has been defined by the UK Government for Level 2 maturity, the guidance and standards that have been developed to guide the implementation of BIM and the benefits of using BIM on construction projects.

Learners will gain knowledge of how clients are expected to set their requirements for BIM during project delivery, the procurement requirements for BIM and how the supply chain is expected to respond, and the processes for information management and delivery set out in the standards for BIM. BIM Fundamentals also ensures learners understand the principles of collaborative working to support BIM and how the UK construction sector is responding to the challenge of adopting BIM

learning outcomes

By attending this course learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate that they understand the main drivers for implementing Building Information Modelling in the UK
  • Demonstrate that they understand how Building Information Modelling is defined for UK construction
  • Demonstrate that they understand the definition of BIM Level 2 maturity
  • Demonstrate that they understand the benefits of BIM for project delivery
  • Demonstrate that they have an awareness of the framework standards and guidance for BIM
  • Demonstrate that understand the impacts of BIM for project procurement
  • Demonstrate that have an awareness of the key considerations in delivering a BIM project

what’s included?

  • One day programme with our expert and all programme materials.


All of our workshops are held in venues specifically selected in London and Manchester. Please see below ticket detailing the price, date and location of workshop.

your course of study

By focusing on the fundamental requirements put in place in the government’s framework for BIM, the course provides an excellent grounding for further development. The course is structured around the following themes:

the key drivers for BIM:

  • Why government, and increasingly the private sector, see BIM as a key component of greater efficiency in project delivery.
  • The benefits of adopting BIM and the potential efficiency improvements BIM can support.

BIM standards and guidance:

  • The structure and purpose of key guidance documents, including the CIC BIM Protocol, Employer’s Information Requirements, PAS 1192-2 and COBie.
  • The way in which these standards are shaping the procurement process for BIM projects.
  • How this guidance shapes project delivery through the adoption of new processes for information management.

the importance of collaboration:

  • The role of the Common Data Environment is supporting collaboration across project teams.
  • The fundamental building blocks and processes for collaborative working on projects.

where are we now?

  • How the industry is responding to the adoption of BIM and the challenges and opportunities identified.
  • What does the future look like for BIM?

who should attend

BIM Fundamentals is aimed at professionals across all segments, disciplines and levels of the construction sector, including:

  • Clients, e.g. procurement officers, programmes managers, clerks of works, asset managers, facilities managers, etc.
  • Designers and consultants, e.g. architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers, etc.
  • Civil engineering, building, mechanical and electrical contractors, e.g. construction managers, commercial managers, estimators, site managers, site engineers, quality managers, safety managers, trades and labour, etc.

If you would like to discuss your suitability for the programme then please contact us.

entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course

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about the expert

Andy Ainsworth

Andy is an experienced consultant with an extensive track record of working with businesses to improve the way they operate. He is a detail oriented practitioner who’s focus is taking on practical challenges and developing workable solutions.

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